This is the Change log for Vim Intellisense

Version 1.3
1. New Plugin CPP.
2. New Plugin SQL.
3. InstallShield got ridden for good; now setup runs through NSIS installer.
4. Java plugin shows the help while showing tooltip. Its helpful, see it for yourself
5. Intellisense plugin suppots new callbacks events. Read intellisense.txt for more information.
6. Fixed several bugs.
7. Source is organized well; you can make yourself by running mkinsen.bat.
8. Several environment variables are got ridden (Good Riddance).If you are running through setup, JAVADOCS environment variable is set. But this is optional, you can get rid of this variable, by setting it in the intellisense.vim file. Read intellisense.txt in the java plugin section to see how to set this.

Version 1.2
1. New plugin for c#
2. While showing tooltips, now param helps also is displayed along with
tooltip. (Only in c#, Java next version)
3. Fixed the setup error, where it changed the REG_SZ from REG_EXPAND_SZ in
PATH and CLASSPATH environment varible.
4. Some more options are added in the VimHelperParam.txt to enable better
5. VimIntellisense script (intellisense.vim) is throughly modified to handle
errors. (Thanks David Fishburn).
6. Now the plugins are copied in the $VIM\vimfiles (version independent).
Previously it was copied in the $VIM\vim61(version dependent). Thanks to Erik
Remmelzwaal and David Fishburn.
7. Help file is copied now to $VIM\vimfiles\doc. And thanks to Erik
Remmelzwaal for finding a problem in the tag. :-)

Version 1.1
1. New plugin for JSP is added.
2. Fixed a bug in intellisense core. When intellisense pops up, the 'modified'
option was switched off. This is fixed.

Version 1.0

1. Setup is added
2. Option to change the size of helpwindow is added
3. Caching is added for developing intellisense.
4. New interface is added in the ftdll (GetTooltip). See intellisense.txt.
5. More cosmetic changes
6. Several bugs are solved
7. New plugin for Baan is available.
8. Changes to xml plugin:
a. Lists attributes and its values.
9. Changes to Java plugin:
a. Scope of the variable is taken care.
b. Inheritance is taken care.
c. Local file is parsed for type deduction.
d. Local file is parsed for documentation.
e. Local folder is parsed for type deduction.
f. General parsing algorithm is more elegant.
h. Several bugs are fixed.

Version 0.92
1. xmlft.dll reading for C:\temp! Fixed!

Version 0.91
1. Version info added.
2. Anti-reinclusion in intellisense.vim is added (Luc Hermitte)
3. XML,HTML support is added
4. The list window does not close if user types [A-Za-z0-9] by default. But he
can add to the list by speficifying more keys in l:ignoreKeys in
intellisense.vim.(Ignore keys can vary for filetypes)
5. Simple help file is added.(TODO: integrate with vim help)
6. Intellisense can be placed in any directory(has to specify VIM_INTELLISENSE
variable).( TODO: may be it can be a global variable in vim?)(Luc Hermitte)
7. Transparent icon in list window.
8. Intellisense.vim is a plugin.(can avoid sourcing from $VIM\_vimrc. Luc
Hermitte, David Fishburn)
9. A sanity check is added. (David Fishburn)
10. Uses the temporary directory specified in TEMP env variable. No need of
c:\temp directory)
11. Colors for window can use names. Requires rgb.txt
12. Case independent languages are supported.

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