Here are the feedbacks I got from various people!! Thanks for them.

"I found your intellisense for vim today on and it looks like
what I always waited for. This is one of the best ideas ever!"

"Looks like a very nice thing." 

"Thank you so much for making this utility !" 

"Hello and congrats on a very cool VIM addin!" 

"In my opinion it's long awaited feature, which vim missed."

"I came across your vim intellisense web page and let
me say that I'm thoroughly impressed. Intellisense is
one of those things that I always missed in vim. Now
you have implemented it for vim without the bloat of
an IDE."

"Cool buddies. Nice work :-)"

"This is a terrific news ! Thank you both for your work!"

"Thanks for your Intellisense work. It's a lifesaving tip."

"Great stuff. Now vim is complete."

"first, thanks for creating the Intellisense for Vim.
This is something I was always looking for."

"Vi is one of my favorites.
Good to know this development of intelli-sense on vim. 
This feature adds more power to already powerful vi.
This enhances developer productivity to a great extent."

"Thanks for this. It is an outstanding feature that will make vim even more
useful in my Java programming."

"... thank you for the great tool, it makes coding more easier with

"Intellisense ROCKS!!!"

"Thank you! It looks great..."

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