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Welcome to the website of Vim Intellisense. This site provides you the information about the intellisense for Vim, documentation and on how to enable intellisense for new languages.

Needless to say intellisense is very helpful while developing the programs. While developing Java or in .NET (C#) it is not possible to remember all the interfaces and its methods, APIs etc. The IDE or editor should help in a way to build programs. Vim helps in so many ways, and especially the auto-completion is provided by Vim, by default. But it does not give the intellisense which is beyond auto-completion. I think most of us know what is intellisense, which is provided by Visual Studio. It is also called CodeInsight. Intellisense in a broad sense means more. It can be listing methods, attributes, classes, interfaces, member variables, local variables, etc, provide online help and may be inline compilation. But we are not looking into building inline compilation.

Supported Languages

Intellisense is provided for the following languages:


C# (new)






To download the latest version on Vim Intellisense click here. For the sources of previous version click here.


This is done by Ravi Shankar and Madan Ganesh, and thanks to many who helped us. If you found a bug or want to support the development or just want to wish, you can mail us.

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