C# Plug-in FAQ:

1. How to add your own custom references for intellisense to pick?

Add your reference assembly in the csc.rsp file in the current directory. A typical csc.rsp file contains the references as 


After you add this line in the csc.rsp intellisense will pick the types defined in this assembly. If you want to add the assembly permanatly, you can consider adding it in the csc.rsp file in the csc.exe folder.

2.  You need Microsof.NET version v1.1.4322 for intellisense to work. It is observed that it will not work with the previous versions of .NET. However it is not tested that it will work with the newer versions. If it didnt work please report to us.

3. While installaing make sure that gacutil.exe is in path. If it is not in path it may not work properly. You can also set the path manaully and run reg.bat which is located in the vim intellisense folder (%VIM_INTELLISENSE%).



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