Known Issues

1. HTML Plugin crashes unpredictably.

  This is solved in the new plugin patch and you can download it from Download page.

2. While using the intellisense, it does not remember the changes.

When the intellisense is on, it set the modified option off, and when you close just after using intellisense, it will not prompt for save. This is solved in the patch (in Vim Intellisense core scripts) and can be downloaded from the Download page. Both the changes will be available in the next version.

3. Just after using intellisense, the dot (.) operator might not behave as desired.

The dot operator (redo previous insert) can have undesired behavior, just after the intellisense window pops up. This is because, when the intellisense window pops up, it is considered as the new change, so pressing dot will do only the text inserted by the intellisense window, but not the things that you typed earlier, even though both looks like the same insert from user's perspective.



1. Make intellisense more stable. Though I have not seen intellisense crashing, but I heard it sometimes does.

2. Clean up the code. I tried to clean up the code, but still a lot more work has to be done on that front. And the code has to be documented properly.

3. Make the code more easier to port, especially the plugins. Though the intellisense framework is heavily tied to Windows and MFC, plugins must not be that much tied to Windows.

4. Port to Linux. This is easier said than done. There are a lot of work in this front, but I'm not starting anything as of now.

5. Improve performance. Ideally, I would like it having less than 500 milliseconds to the window to pop up.

6. Add features to the intellisense. I'm thinking of features to be added, if you want something to be done, mail us.

6.a. Bring the help window separately. Now  help window is available only during the intellisense list window, but many times, the help window may needed.

6.b. Bring the tooltip not only when typing (, but also anytime user wanted. For example, pressing CTRL-Shift-Space, should bring the tooltip.

6.c. Users should be able to know the variable declaration, by either pressing a key or by using mouse.

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